Rescue Dawn

A thrilling Paintball based learning exercise, specially designed for the corporate sector. The participants get divided in to two teams and we take you to a scenario where one team is in the mission of rescuing some of their team members captured by the other team. It is truly an exercise about military strategies. Managers could find their business strategies, experiencing the Paintball based learning exercise named “Rescue Dawn. One team will be airlifted to the location and other team has to find the way to rescue the colleagues. In the exercise, you will be doing the planning, finding the way, reconnaissance, tasking your troops and finally the execution of the plan according to the strategy of your choice.

In Addition, this package will also provide you with accommodation, food and beverages at the site itself which includes a welcome drink, buffet lunch and evening tea. Undoubtedly this is one of those rare opportunities for you to experience a different level of entertainment of this nature combined with a relaxing atmosphere for a fair investment.

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