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four-man team is an established leadership & management out bound educational entity, committed towards providing an affordable, unique and stimulating, training while learning experience with a guarantee on enjoyment to all participants who are game to test new waters.

This programme involves of a series of sessions specifically designed and developed to identify root causes for certain problematic, day to day scenarios which occur within the working environment; and provides strategic approaches via interactive adventurous activities to create the most effective solutions. This experiential learning experience caters to the nuances that are usually overlooked whilst bringing to light the hidden leadership and management skills of the participants.

Furthermore, our team of professionals at four-man team are also capable of customizing your training session to suit your preference! If you could enlighten us of what your perceived outcome is, we could then design our programme in such a way that would permit individuals to reflect on their own selves and provide workable, corrective as well as preventive methods.

Our OBT adventure activities range from Paintball, Camping, Rafting, Rock Climbing and Abseiling to Cycling; creating a space for participants to reflect on their intellectual, technical, leadership and human resource management skills necessary to emerge as competent future leaders.

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