Predator Hunt

Team-Building Exercise for Junior/Middle Staff Members

“Predator” the famous movie almost everyone has watched. four-man team brings it on-board in this atmosphere for you to experience it for real with your family, friends and office staff. The activity is based on the same movie and it’s more of a treasure hunt with a jungle tracking where lot of team effort is carried out during the activity and for the past 04 years this event has evolved as a management training game for the corporate sector where participants get exposed to different management terms and theories in a realistic environment. This is a must do activity that you should experience at least once in your life time and add it to your memory lane.

In Addition, this package will provide you the accommodation, food and beverages at the site itself which includes a welcome drink, buffet lunch and evening tea. The only place you can experience a different level of adventurous entertainment and a relaxation together at a fair investment.