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The facilitators of the four-man team are experienced professionals in the field of Out Bound Training who are competent and confident in assisting a group of individuals may it be corporate or public, large or small. We therefore provide you with a 100% guarantee on safety during all Leisure and Adventure activities planned with an assurance of a learning experience unlike any other! We associate with the finest equipment available at all times and promise you the highest value for what you pay.

All our activities have been designed specifically to suit the expectations of the corporate arena in terms of team building, confidence building, leadership training, quick thinking, decision making and many more additional key areas. These adventurous programmes that were once masterfully designed have been proven successful thorough out the years and as a result have been constantly advanced in terms of strategies and skills development.

Our activities range from adrenaline pumping activities such as Paintball, Rafting, Camping, Rock Climbing and Abseiling to less taxing activities such as Cycling which are conducted at strategic locations which provide the perfect atmosphere for learning and enjoyment.